A company made of consultants for consultants!

KW is based on the principle that if you focus all your resources on building your consultants' businesses, they will, in return, help build a company above all expectations. With this philosophy in practice, we are transforming the general panorama of real estate mediation.


Today, around the world more than 152,000 consultants and more than 800 Market Centers are KW affiliates.


KW has a total of 21 representatives and more than 1800 consultants in Portugal.

  • Worthwhile Careers
    Having studied the systems used by thousands of the most productive Consultants in the industry, we have created the model that contains everything needed to succeed in real estate.
  • Business Worth Keeping
    Our perspective is that Real Estate Mediation is a local business driven by Real Estate Consultants and their involvement in the community. This stems from our strong belief that it is the brand of the Consultant, not the company, that matters most.
  • Lives Worth Living
    Great riches only matter to the extent that they provide an extraordinary and meaningful life. KW is defined by a Culture of Consultants who care deeply about each other and who are committed to having a positive impact on their Customers and their communities. We are a company that changes lives.
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